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0Chain x HUAWEI CLOUD x Morpheus Labs – Launchpad Statement

0Chain x HUAWEI CLOUD x Morpheus Labs – Launchpad Statement

0Chain is pleased to announce its collaboration with HUAWEI CLOUD and Morpheus Labs to promote adoption and growth of our decentralised storage network.

The HUAWEI CLOUD x Morpheus Labs Launchpad provides two key benefits respectively: Huawei will provide a wider audience network to proliferate the branding of 0Chain; Morpheus Labs will offer Enterprise & Blockchain a direct route and connection to Huawei’s infrastructure. In doing so, this abstracts away the nuances of setting up a storage node and provides a framework for accelerated onboarding onto 0Chain’s decentralised storage network. 

Accordingly, 0Chain will be participating in Huawei’s forthcoming HUAWEI CLOUD DAY on October 28th where 0Chain will present alongside Huawei, Morpheus Labs and other prominent businesses.  

During this presentation, 0Chain will provide a detailed overview of our decentralised cloud storage capabilities, a live demo of the protocol and how our collaboration with HUAWEI CLOUD & Morpheus Labs will provide further inroads and use-cases for the Banking & Financial Markets. 

Furthermore, and in keeping with this exciting collaboration with HUAWEI CLOUD & Morpheus Labs, we will be conducting various other events including a Hackathon which will further showcase Huawei’s infrastructure capabilities, Morpheus Labs BPaaS Solution and primary reseller proficiency and 0Chain’s enterprise-grade, decentralised data cloud storage solution. 

Rex Lei, managing director of HUAWEI CLOUD Singapore

“HUAWEI CLOUD is delighted to be working with Morpheus Labs and 0Chain in reaching out to extensive network of blockchain practitioners, offering leading cloud services to accelerate development of digital transformation that benefit in FSI sector.” 

Pei-Han, CEO of Morpheus Labs

“Morpheus Labs is proud to bridge the gap between blockchain and enterprises, what we set out to do in our mission. This partnership with 0Chain, powered by HUAWEI CLOUD exemplifies this collaboration where all parties can harness each other’s strengths. We are proud to welcome 0Chain onboard as part of the launchpad ecosystem powered by HUAWEI CLOUD that helps blockchain projects like 0Chain and Morpheus Labs strategise and formulate solutions that will facilitate useful blockchain adoption” 

Mo Siam, COO of 0Chain

“This collaboration has been in the works for sometime now as part of our push into Asia. Working with Huawei provides our storage node operators with scalable and reliable infrastructure. Moreover, our involvement with Morpheus Labs, makes spinning a storage node atop this infrastructure a click away. We are very excited about the prospects this collaboration holds, and happy to be announcing this today.”  

— End of statement —

More details to come.