Software Engineer

Posted 2 years ago

The Software Engineer is responsible for performing software engineering for software products or applications being produced by Morpheus Labs.

Working with solution managers, product managers and the CTO, you will focus on researching and developing engineering solutions for the applications, and the software products (the existing Blockchain as a Service platform or new software products). 

The existing platform is a multi-user web application implemented using modular, dockerized, microservice architecture. The interaction between the web application and microservices is through REST APIs. The platform can create and interact with different blockchain networks such as Ethereum (and other Ethereum-compatible blockchains), Hyperledger, NEM, Vechain and Multichain. Other blockchain technologies are planned to be onboarded.

Applications can be Web3 applications, such as NFT solutions, Web3 loyalty systems, Carbon Credit Exchange solutions, Data Analytics for Web3 applications, Web3 workflow, and Metaverse.

The platform and the applications would require some functions that are well-engineered to cater for complex system requirements, better performance, security and data analytics.

The Software Engineer should have strong knowledge and skill sets in software engineering in developing applications and creating data analytics solutions.


The responsibilities shall include the following: 

  • Collaborate with the teams to focus on developing engineering solutions for critical functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Ensure the engineering solutions can be applied in the platform and applications that meet the key non-functional requirements as per the design.
  • Support the product owner or project owners to conduct non-functional requirements-related testing.
  • Support the DevOps team to roll out the new development into the Live environment for the platform or for the applications (projects).



  • Experience in software development using Java, Java Scripts, C++, Python, MongoDB, TensorFlow
  • Good knowledge of software engineering, data analytics, machine learning, and game development
  • Good research and problem-solving skills
  • Very good professional written and verbal communication skills to communicate with managers and peers locally and remotely.
  • A creative and self-driven team player


About Morpheus labs:

As a growing company, and market leading Low code Blockchain development platform. Working with numerous global renowned names, we have a strong devotion in growing a team of like-minded people with the same belief in values and life.

  • Be Passionate in life, in what you do and what you love
  • Be Empathetic towards customers, partners and people around us.
  • Be Innovative in solving daily challenges to reach maximum efficiency
  • Be Proud of ourselves and one another – whom we work with: Everyone plays a very important role, and greater success can only be achieved together, not alone.  

Be Good to family, friends, colleagues and life: Doing good is the only sustainable way to reach success by creating positivity around us.

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