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Why Low-code Development Platform is The Next Driver

The trend of organizations using low-code development platforms to meet their ever-growing needs is increasing rapidly due to the unique nature of it. Morpheus Labs looks into the benefits of using this method and why it will be the next driver.

Low-code development

There are various low-code development platforms that aid organizations to build tailored suited applications for their requirement in a secured cloud system. As technology advances and low-code development matures, organizations and end-users are (or should) taking advantage of the benefits it brings. At Morpheus Labs, our one-stop low-code development platform that allows different stakeholders to leverage our service to develop specifically tailored solutions for their needs and requirements. We look at some of the benefits of low-code development.


The benefits of leveraging on low-code development for the blockchain community is far-reaching. As the usefulness and benefits to each organization are unique, it is not feasible to pinpoint all of them in this article. Instead, we will be looking at generic benefits that one can enjoy if low-code development is deployed strategically.

Governance and oversight

Security poses a threat to many organizations and security experts. Organizations today focus more on user experience (UX) while constantly worrying about security flaws that may jeopardize it. While encouraging innovation and allowing developers to experiment on the application, governance and security should always be on hand to guard against unwanted threats, be it accidental or deliberate.

Low-code governance style and oversight, if engineered correctly –

  • Provides automated control of many aspects (identity, quality, compliance, etc)
  • Audit-trail and back-up
  • Traceable and monitored 24/7 without the stifling creativity and innovation

Increased productivity

The Blockchain industry is already complex enough for the wider public and even for the majority within the blockchain community itself. Low-code allows developers and personnel to research and explore developing applications that may enhance solutions. It provides both the organization and developers “agility” and “flexibility” that would otherwise be typical red-tapes.

  • Addresses issues that require specific solutions. Low-code platforms and developments allow developers and organizations to focus on teething issues and come out with tailored solutions
  • Alleviate resources better leverage on them. It allows senior developers to focus on other issues while tasking junior personnel to work on the solution while not worrying about them messing up. This provides the ability to bring any potential issues under control very quickly
  • Acceleration of development. This allows organizations to be specifically focused while improving applications that would be beneficial to the organization’s cause.

Encouraging collaboration

Usage of Low-code platforms allows for a unique collaboration between multiple parties, especially in the Blockchain space. It lowers barriers and brings different stakeholders together, allowing developers, community citizens, the organization, customers to work, feedback, track and brainstorm while working on development — synchronized and secured without jeopardizing any portion of it.

This would make future collaboration more cohesive. A more cohesive environment brings about positive benefits such as the followings but not limited to:

  • Increased overall efficiency
  • Overcoming challenges as a group while avoiding negative group-thinking
  • Releasing bottleneck issues through the same “language” and understanding
  • Borders are no longer restrictions — an increase in the exchange of ideas breeds creativity and innovation

Creating visionaries and innovators

Positive change begets positive behavior and mindset. When the overall environment in the ecosystem — especially in the close-knitted but somewhat complex blockchain world — takes on a positive environment atmosphere, the power of the human mind can do wonders. With fewer red-tapes and fear of the unknown mitigated through the benefits of low-code development, there’s a higher chance for positive “innovators” and “visionaries” thinking to be manifested and ingrained into those involved.

People will no longer be held back by the fear of unknown and repercussions — allowing for free-flowing quality ideas and vision that would probably propel the organization forward.

Increased Adoption of Blockchain

Well-implemented low-code development will bring about the benefits stated (there are more intangible benefits not stated) and would most probably help increase blockchain adoption. It solves many issues that the Blockchain community facing such as:

  • Complex issues made simpler, rendering blockchain more approachable
  • Issues can be brainstormed and solutions coming out faster
  • Information is privy to all stakeholders at ease
  • Integrating solutions and applications to the existing model made simpler

These would help the wider public to understand the blockchain more, solutions to issues can be worked on easier, people would feel less alienated and more involved. It would cast blockchain (not to be confused with the benefits of low-code development) in a more positive light and place blockchain in an “easier to understand” position.

Examples –

Huawei is adopting low-code development and working with external stakeholders through their Spark program and beyond.

Salesforce is taking advantage of low-code development and utilizing applications made on it to their everyday use — link

IBM is promoting the use of low-code development through its own platform

Increased Efficiency = Cost savings

When stakeholders are provided the right tools for the work, it makes working on an issue more pleasant. Pleasantries raise morales and mood. The right mix of factors creates a positive environment which leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency. With higher efficiency, the cost would naturally drop (at least for the Blockchain industry).

The benefits above mentioned are just some mentioned. There are many more benefits that will be unique to each organization if they harness and utilize the technology optimally. Low-code development platforms and technology is increasing their adoption rate rapidly. It is a tool — a very useful one that many people love to drive.

About Morpheus Labs

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