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Product Overview

AI-Powered Workflow Studio

Web3 Workflow Studio

The low-code workflow automation platform seamlessly integrates Web2 and Web3 technologies, facilitating data exchange and interoperability between both, while also ensuring reliable and secure workflow operations. It enables non-technical users to create and manage automation workflows with minimal coding.

AI-Powered SmartContract Studio

AI-Powered SmartContract Studio

The AI-driven tool streamlines the design, development, testing, review, and deployment of smart contracts, offering guidance, code suggestions, and error detection to boost the quality, security, and efficiency of the smart contract development process.

Template Solutions

Template Solutions

The platform offers pre-built templates for Web3
applications, simplifying customisation and deployment, and reducing development time
and costs.

AI-Powered Collaborative Development Environment (CDE)

AI-Powered Collaborative Development Environment (CDE)

Similar to WordPress (Web2), this visual interface empowers developers to create, test, and deploy applications without the need for extensive manual coding. It significantly reduces development time and resource requirements.

Multi-chain Infrastructure

Multi-chain Infrastructure

Streamline your smart contracts generation! Harness advanced AI-driven for intuitive creation, real-time guidance, and unparalleled security. Benefit from seamless testing and expert assistance on-demand. Craft, test, comply, and conquer effortlessly.

Industry that we focused

Joint solutions

Our use cases document how our partners have been using our platform
to accomplish their goals, be it accelerating adoption or developing existing solutions


Explore our Web3-enabled Intuitive and collaborative solutions to create an immersive experience into a future where boundless possibilities unfold.


Unparalleled gaming experiences, empowering players with true ownership of in-game assets and shaping the future of interactive entertainment.

NFT-Enabled Solution

Fusing non-fungible tokens and Internet of Things technology creates a seamless and secure ecosystem, giving tangible value to your digital assets.


Reimagine online shopping with decentralized technologies and experience a future where trust, security, and user empowerment converge to redefine the way you shop online.

Digital Asset

Unlocking novel business opportunities and models through Fractional Ownership and Enhanced Liquidity through tokenization.

Education in Web3

Shaping Tomorrow’s decentralized technology through empowering individuals with unprecedented access and mastery of leading web3 development tools.

Real Time Data Analytics

Shaping a better Tomorrow with secured and traceable data which promotes a synchronized view of information among multiple participants in areas of

– Sustainable and ESG-Driven Innovations
– Infrastructure and Traffic Safety
– Game

Coming Soon

Technology Partner Integration

The world’s foremost technology brands come together to drive innovation, establish market leadership and revolutionizing Web3 Journeys with us.


What customers say about us

Mr. Hajime Tabata

CEO of JP Games

“Morpheus Labs offers a diverse range of exceptional web3 products. We firmly believe that by combining PWK with Morpheus SEED’s extensive selection of Web3 solutions and components, we can effectively address the growing demand for web3-based Metaverse solution development.”

Thomas Yeoh

Director for Corporate Development at Phillip Securities Pte Ltd

“The search for the right partner was paramount to ensure the quality of training received by our attendees are up to date. With Morpheus Labs (Morpheus SEED), we are able to bridge the gap between tech and non-tech users by using their ML SEED platform which is a low-code development platform.”

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